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With more than 20 years of experience in international trainings and a variety of trainings settings, I have given trainings in Europe, Africa, the U.S. and worked for many European trainers‘ pools.

I am a very skilled, flexible and versatile trainer who is used to work in many languages, in all sorts of contexts, as well as, with disadvantaged or specific needs groups. I have most experience and love to train the executive level of European organisations/businesses and I am a pro in Trainings of Trainers (Council of Europe, European Commission, governmental and non-governmental organisations, private sector).

I consider myself an expert in Personal Development and Organisational Management. Furthermore, my key competences and trainings range from Intercultural Learning, Human Rights Education, Group Dynamics, Intercultural Teamwork, Team Building, Ethical Leadership, Successful Communication, NLP, Conflict Resolution to Becoming YOU/r Full Potential!

I am happy to train your group, your team, your company, your organisation, for more success, alignment, better work flow, communication, joy and happiness : )

Learning means to believe that change is possible!

Paolo Freire

It was awesome spending time with Sabine in Budapest for a training session. As participant I found myself at ease with an experienced and kind person that can turn everything into a game without losing depth and training power. As a plus, it was so cool discovering how good is her italian! Tommaso, Italy

I really enjoyed working with Sabine in a trainers’ team. She is a great person for co-creation and I love her optimism. I could learn much from her experience as human rights educator and group learning facilitator – always delicate with people and full of ideas and interesting methods. Ljuba, Estonia



As a certified Psychosocial, Life, Mental, Happiness and Success Coach I can support you to reach your aims, as well as fulfill your dreams and visions. Are you ready for the life of your dreams?

Coaching helps you to let go of anger, sadness, stress, all sorts of blocks, in order to enjoy the lightness of being, who you truly are… when you feel free and live your life’s mission and dream!

My coaching is fun, sustainable and rewarding; it enables and empowers you to take control of your own development. My role as coach is to act as a catalyst and sounding board, to help explore the effects of different behaviours as well as emotions through a great number of tools and strategies. With those outcomes at hand you will feel empowered to make the desired changes to your business or personal life.

Let your ideas have more sex! Whatever your topic, current challenge or circumstances, goals or dreams might be, after all, your life is transformation. I hope you are determined to make your life be what you really want it to be!?… magical, fun, ecstatic and fulfilled.

That’s where I as a Professional Coach come in – I will help you turn your dreams into reality.


  • Business and Executive Coaching
  • Becoming Independent / Setting up your own business
  • Changing career / Finding YOUR path! / Kick ass with your dream project!
  • Public Speaking / Preparing for presentations & challenges in your work field
  • Boosting your self-esteem and self-worthiness
  • Private issues (divorce, separation, life decisions, stress reduction…)
  • Creating work-life balance and sustainable happiness
  • Solving financial worries and money issues
  • Supporting decision making processes
  • Unrevealing your true self
    and living the joy of life : )

Certified Member of the
International Coach Federation

Change happens, when someone becomes what s/he is
and not when s/he tries to become what s/he is not.

Arnold Beisser

Working with Sabine Klocker is a great opportunity you should not miss out on. Her wisdom is endless and she will guide you to become more self aware, reflected, and peaceful. Her multicultural mindset and her vast experience living and working abroad enrich the coaching experience, as she provides multiple perspectives on a given topic. Her kind and warm personality is the cherry on the top! Denise, Austria



Supervision is a tool to develop quality at work. It fosters communication, psycho-hygiene and health in work environments. I am a passionate supervisor who’d be thrilled to make your job more rewarding!

Supervision is a style of “coaching” or “consultation” to reflect on challenges, conflicts, dynamics and emotions in work environments. It’s about reflecting on work related issues and it leads to: realisations, solutions, decisions and actions.

You decide on the topic and concern at hand – I help you to gain new insights, understand dynamics, hold the space for reflection and discussion, as well as act as a neutral sparring partner – in order to bring more lightness of being, joy, better work flow, productivity and success into your job or team.


  • things are tough at work or simply could be better
  • you feel stuck, not happy, de-motivated and are stressed about work processes
  • you often get mad about your colleagues and current dynamics at work 
  • you would like to off-load some of the heavy thoughts, stress, pressure caused at or through work
  • you want to reflect about new opportunities and solutions in your daily work environment
  • you are keen on having more fun, motivation and better relations while working

I am a certified, enthusiastic and experienced Supervision Coach. I would be delighted to reflect and work with you on your job’s challenges and personal well-being! : )

Supervision means to observe from above, to see the work of someone
with different eyes, being the experienced critic, the empathic teacher,
the critical expert.

Elizabeth Holloway

I saw Sabine Klocker for a work issue that had been ongoing, influencing my sleep, wellbeing and more. We had a few enlightening supervision sessions and now I am totally at ease. I transformed my work routine and attitude completely and now I am very happy! I thank her for the great processes, her humour and professionalism, and I can highly recommend her supervision work! Paul, Austria



Hypnosis is my favourite tool. A super-effective way to learn new skills and let go of the old. There are endless possibilities which will improve your quality of life to the max!

Go into a deep state of relaxation and recovery! Enjoy a hypnosis speed holiday to recharge your batteries! : ) Maybe just to awaken and kick off your joy for life, motivation for work, fun or the lightness of being! : )

You will experience tailor-made, individual hypnosis and beautiful mind travelling into your unconsciousness, after an in-depth, preliminary talk, useful explanations and some trust building exercises.


  • Public speaking – speaking in front of groups
  • Preparing for exams – approaching exams with self-esteem, easiness and relaxation
  • Boosting your self-esteem
  • Strengthening the feeling and sense of self-worthiness
  • Releasing blockades – supporting your immune system
  • Reducing stress and enjoying deep relaxation
  • Wellness for body (reducing weight, quitting smoking, sleeping disorders), heart and mind
  • Strengthening resources and happiness : )


What is hypnosis? – The power of the unconscious
Hypnosis is a voluntarily precipitated condition of trance in which the unconscious is directly addressed. Our unconscious is like a hidden chamber in the brain that controls our belief systems, our behaviour, our dreams and wishes, but also fears. Hypnosis uses the ability of the unconscious to realise why we act in a certain way and which patterns determine us. It is a very effective way to restructure or reprogram habitual patterns. However, this does only work if the client truly wants the change – you are the one deciding on the process!
Am I sleeping? Am I totally out of service during a hypnosis session?
Hypnosis should not be confused with sleep. Hypnotic sleep is totally conscious, wake and trance state in which the hypnotised person is in a deep state of relaxation and condition of trance, but still perfectly noticing what happens around him/her. It is always the client who puts him/herself into hypnosis, the hypnotist only functions as a guide, who leads the client through the hypnosis session safely and focused.
Is hypnosis a question of trust?
Trust and feeling at ease is the winning formula for a successful hypnosis. Therefore, a preliminary talk and getting to know each other is free of charge, in which all open questions and concerns can be answered and dealt with. I clarify what hypnosis is and what it is not and show you what your own power of imagination can do by leading you through a few small exercises. When the client and the hypnotist have reached an understanding of the client’s wishes and goals, the actual hypnosis can start. Depending on the goal, it usually takes two to three sessions to ensure the desired results and sustainable, long-lasting effects.

Disclaimer: Important Info: My hypnosis sessions do not and cannot replace medical therapies, psychotherapy or psychological treatment. In Austria, the treatment of illnesses and its symptoms is taken care of by medical practitioners. The treatment of mental health disorders is treated by physicians, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. Hypnosis sessions against illnesses, physical and mental-health problems, as well as pains are not offered here, but will be strictly referred to medical practitioners, psychologists or psychotherapists. My treatments are based on non-scientific methods. If you are in the middle of a medical treatment please do not interrupt that process without prior consultation with your physician.

You use hypnosis not as a cure, but as a means of establishing
a favourite climate in which to learn.

Milton Erickson

I was working on an issue for a long time already, so I decided to try hypnosis. I went to my hypnosis session with Sabine with a mix of scepticism and curiosity. I really wanted to try it out and at the same time, I was also a bit afraid of losing control. Sabine charmingly started inquiring about my issue like when meeting an old friend. Once we agreed on what to address, she managed to get me into the hypnosis very quickly and I was so surprised of myself surrendering to it with curiosity. It was a great experience! Paola, Italy



One of my best and most favourite roles is being the Master of Ceremony. Having facilitated large scale events, fora, symposia, trainings, seminars, exchange programmes, coach tours, river cruises and more, I am used to having a microphone in my hands and “info-taining” an audience of 160 people day by day. I have undergone years of training in the field of communication, training and facilitation and love to facilitate events in style and with humour. I have a great experience in trouble-shooting and I am known for my flexibility, as well as great public speaking competences. My passion is to bring out the full potential of every individual and the entire group. I am a leader of processes, a provider of tools, techniques and interactive methods to get work accomplished quickly and effectively in a group environment.

If you have a challenging team meeting or an annual conference coming up, a large scale event or an evening symposium that needs moderation and are looking for an external facilitator, contact me.

Facilitation is the art of stimulating deeper understanding,
fresh thinking and behavourial transformation.

Sabine Klocker

Your calm, very capable and efficient demeanor is only capped by your warmth, wit and enthusiastic commentary. You inspire confidence that nothing shall impede our guarantee of the best possible experience – from the simplest activity to the suggestively seamless arrangements for our pleasure and excitement. Thank you so much for your „5 Michelin star” rated efforts on our behalf! Gayle & Eloise, California

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